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Sneh Sammelan March, 2011


Celebration of 111 years of services of Anavil Samaj. Started on Sunday, March 6, 2011, at 10.30 am, with the Yuva Carrer Seminar. In the Yuva Carrer seminar Shree Pravinbhai spoke about various insurance sectors, different government and private companies, agents, and opportunities for Anavil youths.

There Was also free blood group testing. We intend to make a directory of Anavils with their blood group so that in case of any emergency, we can find donors.

Then for ladies, there was Mehandi Competition. Also in the afternoon, there was a seminar for ladies for all gynecological problems, along with it there was Mammography for testing breast cancer.

Then in the afternoon around 4 pm, there was an entertainment program by Mr. Anil Lavangia & his team. This included music and rendering Hasya Kavita. This was followed by giving a Silver medal to Piyush Desai who got 94% marks in SSC & Miss Avani who got 90% marks in HSC.

Then senior citizens above the age of 75 were honored by Shawl and flowers. Shri Jashubhai of Jai Shukleshwar appreciated the idea of inviting presidents of other Anavil Mandals by Shri Anavil Samaj, Mumbai.

Shri Pravinbhai Desai, president of Valsad Anavil Mandal, suggested that we all Anavils have to work to see that statues of Shri Morariibhai Desai and Shri Bhulabhai Desai should be put in Mumbai.

Shri Maheshbhai Desai, Vice president of Anavil Mitra Mandal, congratulated Samaj for the new activities. He suggested office bearers of all Anavil Mandals should meet Twice a year to exchange views.

Shri Jiteshbhai, President Shri Kiritbhai, recommended breaking of barriers between Anavils of Vapi and Tapi. He thanked Shri Anavil Samaj, for honoring him.